Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A New Day

It's a warm spring day in March, and it is the first day of a new life. I am really going to try and live my life better, as I have started looking into the Beth Moore Bible study. I have also looked into the basic Buddha teaching. In live there is good and bad, so I am going to look for the good. As I look outside I can see the flowers are starting to bloom and the birds are coming out. Yet the grass is still brown and soggy, from all the rain we have received the last couple of days. I still enjoy seeing the buttercups, it reminds me of when I use to pick them for my Mom.
Today I will take my oldest to her swim class, she is doing really well and soon we start another lesson. I am hoping she gets to be very good at swimming, for I enjoyed learning how to swim at 4-H Camp.

"The kind of seed sown
will produce that kind of fruit.
Those who do good will reap good results.
Those who do evil will reap evil results.
If you carefully plant a good seed,
You will joyfully gather good fruit."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Well my friends it's time to say good night, yet another day has come to an end. I'm going leave you with this song. I took a Facebook quiz and this is the song I got.

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

New Look

I'm a big fan of digital scrapbooking. For Christmas I purchased some stuff from Shabby Miss Jenn Designs. She is an awesome designer and I really like working with her stuff. Well I bought 2 of her blog templates. Today I put one of them in use, The other one is a birthday. I hope you like the new look.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm on the tenth day of not watching my shows. I'm doing really good.
Today when I picked Meggie up from school she was very happy, because Ms. Palmer said No Homework. She so dislikes school.

I lay in bed at night telling myself that I'll be a better blogger. Know that I want be. I always wonder if anyone really reads my blog and if they really care. Thomas tells me no one reads blogs they don't care and don't have to time to listen to your dribbles. I know I really don't do much.
Well so far this is what happen to the Babbling Redhead this year. My ice maker broke and I really like my ice. It snow a little on the 7 and 8. I color my hair and got the right color. I like the color I had when I was young, it's really hard to get that out of a bottle. I also got my ears pierced again, just need some new earrings. I finally got some bookcases. I really like them. I also order a sofa, chair, and ottoman for the living room. So far between my girls we loss 6 teeth. Before Chirstmas we got our 2 family picture take, they turned our good.

Friday, January 01, 2010


Today the 1st day of 2010, Thomas and I have been married for 16 years. We have to wonderful girls. Abigayle is my oldest and she wonderful, She acts a lot like me. Megan is my youngest and she very bossy, like her dad. We do the same thing every year because it's so cold. Sometime I think I got married at the wrong time, maybe I should have been a June Bride. Then we might do something special on our wedding day, other than trying to keep warm. lol I remember that is was snowing on my wedding day. I had a really white wedding. My wedding color was Burgundy.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Home Improvement

Tim Allen here, Oh wait I'm no Tim Allen but I want new flooring. So up came the carpet. I work hard on pulling up that nasty gray carpet. Come follow me on my journey to a new Bamboo Floor.

Friday, January 09, 2009

What's Your Word?

Your Word is "Love"

You see life as possibility to form deep connections with a few people.

Relationships are the center of your world, and you always take time to bond with those you love.

You are caring and giving. You enjoy helping those you love.

And when it comes to romantic love, you feel passionately ... even in a very long term relationship.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Sunday, October 05, 2008

What Tarot Card are You?

You are The Lovers

Motive, power, and action, arising from Inspiration and Impulse.

The Lovers represents intuition and inspiration. Very often a choice needs to be made.

Originally, this card was called just LOVE. And that's actually more apt than "Lovers." Love follows in this sequence of growth and maturity. And, coming after the Emperor, who is about control, it is a radical change in perspective. LOVE is a force that makes you choose and decide for reasons you often can't understand; it makes you surrender control to a higher power. And that is what this card is all about. Finding something or someone who is so much a part of yourself, so perfectly attuned to you and you to them, that you cannot, dare not resist. This card indicates that the you have or will come across a person, career, challenge or thing that you will fall in love with. You will know instinctively that you must have this, even if it means diverging from your chosen path. No matter the difficulties, without it you will never be complete.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

What Tarot Card are You?

You are The Moon

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window.

The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Friday, October 26, 2007

What Your Halloween Habits Say About You

What Your Halloween Habits Say About You

You're a friendly person, but not the life of the party. You like making someone else's day - and you'll dress up if you think of a really fun costume.
You definitely think of yourself as someone who has a dark side. And part of having that dark side means not showing it.

Your inner child is full of wonder and very sweet.

You fear those closest to you finding out who you really are. You dread people discovering your secrets.

You're prone to be quite emotional and over dramatic. Deep down, you enjoy being scared out of your mind... even if you don't admit it.

You are picky and high maintenance. If you wear a Halloween costume, it's only when you really feel like it. And it has to be perfect.

What's Your Halloween Personality?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Who's Your Celebrity Boob Twin?

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Anna Nicole Smith

Who's Your Celebrity Boob Twin?

What Gender Is Your Brain?

Your Brain is 60% Female, 40% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mother's New Dog

This is Mother's new Australian Shepherd~ aka~ Aussie. She named her Mandy. Mandy was born August 1, 2007. She one playful puppy. Abigayle just loved playing with her. Megan who loves dog, didn't want anything to do with Mandy. Mandy try to mop the floor for Mother. Mandy make lots of water messy. I have more pictures of her at my picasa web album.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Better Blogger

Well I'm really going to try hard and blog more in here. You would think that a person who has eight to nine blog would be better at blog but at last I am not. I've found me a new theme. It's call sitting a around. I hope you like it. I really do, it looks like a notebook so I feel I need a pen or pencil in hand. We got rain last night, it wasn't enough. Just to let you know all my blogs are linked from my portal page. I'm thinking about changing the name of my site. Right now I'm know as My Bowl of Cherries. I don't know if I like Babbling Redhead or Confused Housewife. Which do you like? If you knew me then you'd realize how true these are.